The purpose of the material ‘FANOCEL’ was to find a sustainable alternative to plastic materials sourced from fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels such as coal, crude oil and natural gas originates from fossilized million of years old plant and animal residues. These sort of resources have a high carbon content, its extraction causes a negative impact on the environment including air and water pollution.
The material was developed in the context of a collaboration with Wallpaper Magazine. The Studio worked towards a bio-composite material made from cellulose acetate and by-products of the agri-food sector.
Cellulose is extracted from natural resources such as the cotton plant and wood fibers, and acetic acid, one of the main component of vinegar. Cellulose acetate has various properties:
it is water-repellent, elastic, is durable, and non-toxic.
The dyes are made in a responsible way using agri-food by-products such as hemp leftovers, charcoal, and tobacco leftovers collected from local companies in Italy.
The result is a sustainable and responsible material, that can be applied in the design sector as versatile surfaces ranging from flooring, wall panels, tiles, and much more.